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How print passport photo Works.

This is how photokuku print passport photo works.

Photo Kuku runs both on Web and Mobile. It enables you to Print, Frame out your favorite photos you already have on your phone/tablet, Pc or laptop.Once we finish to print the photos We deliver them to the desired address.

Before you can start using either the Photo Kuku Web or App you will need to first register for an account.
If you are not a member click here to register.

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Login into your account and select the photos you want us to print /frame for you. , Fill in the number of copies for each photo, then enter the address where you want the photos to delivered after printing then Choose payment method either Cash on Delivery or Mobile Money Payment.

After we confirm your payment we shall print and deliver your work within the next 1-24hours on the address provided.

We support bulk print passport photo, any type of Photographs, Have your memory on print to Last Longer print Wedding photos, Kuhingila Photos, Kukyala photos, Introduction ceremony photos, Baby shower photos, Birthday photos, school photos and Happy moment memories, Group Photos and Company photos, Church photos.